“Will the Monsters Win”

“Will the Monsters Win”

Sometimes, the monsters,
Run rampant in the halls of my mind,
Releasing old fears not yet dead,
It is then that I freeze, lose my way.

It is then that that the old pains return,
Suddenly they seem more in control of my psyche,
Stronger then when I first became resilient,
So suddenly I fear losing this battle.

I fear that this lifetime war,
May not end as I wish,
Will I become as those from my past,
Who tortured me into the small corners.C7CtxYCUwAARqLR

Corners that held back my soul,
Will I not find again it’s purity & power,
The power to let loose my love,
To let my talents fly free again

All rights reserved Cfraenza 2018
Photo credit: Sri Gawn Tu Fahr.


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