Sad eyes

She  said  I had  sad  eyes,   so very sad

I opened those eyes to  her  passionate warmth

I bathed in the luxury of her  eyes/lens

She made me smile  for  a while  a deep new smile


A smile  I had  longed to  have  for a hearts  eon

It came from a part of my soul that  I just cant hide

So now  I was  a man opened   raw and  vulnerable

I sometimes  fell short  of  her  deeper needs


Oh  woe is me now for  I have been  lashed

Her anger  reached out and touched me too deep

I fear  I have not comprehended just how to love

So now  I am  on the  whipping post of my own  fierce whip


So she  called me out as  a runner  she  did

It’s not  a run when you take cover from  the lashes

It’s  the pain  uncovered  from places unknown  but deep

So now  I am spun into the dark reaches of  the universe



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