Listen my sweet child, just listen.

I spoke to you , but you  did not hear

For truly we were separated by the abyss

An abyss filled with darkness, with fear

So  as I cried out , listen to me

You set your  fears  free

Free to roam and rage in the halls

of your  desperation to be understood

So you cried out loud with your desires

Desires to be set free of your path of destruction

for  truly we set out, without the proper maps

into an uncharted territory for you, for me

and in this wild uncivilized  jungle we got lost

Forgive me for  I should have held the compass  high

So you could  trust in me not to get lost in my own cavern of darkness

So I ask you now  to let the light shine bright and forgive me my darker days

As you traverse  these new halls with better guides who have a stronger compass

I ask of you to trust in my desire and ability to learn too as we grow together and seek the higher plain

Let us  go to our music  together and seek out the  music and the proper refrain

To  let us both sing a song of freedom , freedom from our darkest fears

Let’s dance in the rain and cleanse our souls to open back up to one another

For truly my bright and wonderful child even in your  darkest hour did your soul shine bright

Like a pure and  glowing star  in the sweet uncharted skies of all the  night



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