Time brings us to our place


Soft, sweet, sensual strokes as I cross a small part of your sweet landscape,I realize how  long I wish to make this trip last,
As the feelings flow from me to you and back again
I see the beauty of touch and letting go
as I breathe in the scent of your sweet flesh
I feel my soul shudder in exaltation
my heart beats quickly as my skin becomes one with you
as we find the rhythm of our bodies together
as our hearts beat as one our bodies meld and fold in to one another
slowly heatedly we follow our sensual path to all there is
for truly we now wish to make the trip to this long away place
a place found by our souls yet the door opened with touch
with heat, with passion, with lusty needs
now as we travel a soulful rhythm , hearts beat
bodies dance, eyes open and close,
lips and hands search for new turns and twists
and we arrive when we arrive and not sooner
just when our souls open our eyes to the beauty
the deep passioned beauty of us
we release with smiles and deep breaths of love


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